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First of all we would like to thank you for the time you about to spend with us to volunteer, in order to make a change in the lives of many people in the Gambia.

It is important to know that volunteers play a pivotal role in the socio economic development. And it is also a unique opportunity for volunteers to experience the cultures and tradition of people outside their country of origin and learn to share knowledge, and cultural values from different backgrounds.

We would appreciate your help very much and for the time you want to partake in this noble cause. And we know you will enjoy your stay why volunteering in The Gambia.

Please go over this project overview and get back to us for further project description document on the projects mention with other relevant documents to fill.

ABOUT US: Global cultural Exchange, is a youths, Students, and Adults travel Organization in the Gambia, who's aims and Objectives are to help Promote Global Education and Cultural Exchanges, Benefiting all Us by fostering peace and understanding, through building Relationship between people of different nations and culture

 Mission of the GCE:Since its inception, the GCE has aimed to promote cultural awareness, Knowledge and global competence among people from around the World. We at Global Cultural Exchange we believe that we can be Faced with an extraordinary Opportunity to play a vital role in Expanding cultural global neighborhood, as we share the best of Gambian culture with the international Visitors, such as volunteers, Youths and students of today. We believed we could have a positive effect in the future generation to care ahead.